Robert Mulholland

SEAI Certified Building Energy Rating (BER) Assessor

Louth BER is an independent Building Energy Rating service based in Dundalk, Co. Louth. Louth BER is run by Robert Mulholland, a Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) registered assessor who provides a professional, affordable rating service to homeowners, property managers, and businesses throughout the North East region and beyond.

Selling Or Letting Property?

If you're selling or letting property in Ireland then you'll need a valid BER certificate — building energy ratings are now mandatory under Irish law. If you're selling property then the sale cannot be finalized unless a BER certificate has been issued for the building; if you're letting property then your contract with your tenants may not be valid unless they have had access to the building's energy rating before signing. Homeowners and property managers selling or letting property in Ireland without a valid BER certificate now risk a substantial fine.

BER details must be included in all advertisements and marketing material (print and digital) when a home is offered for sale or rent. See the BER advertisement guidelines for details.

The BER Certificate

A BER certificate is a label that tells you about the energy efficiency of a building. BERs allow potential homebuyers and tenants to judge the future running costs of a property and its environmental impact. After your property has been audited you will be issued with a BER certificate which rates the property on a scale running from A to G, where A is the most energy-efficient and G is the least efficient. This certificate is then valid for 10 years, provided that no substantial alterations are made to the property.

To learn more about BER certificates and how a building's energy rating is calculated see the BER Info page.

New Dwellings

BER certification is required on all new dwellings regardless of whether they are being offered for sale/rent or owner occupied. For self-build homes the BER must be carried out upon completion before the house is occupied. The DEAP Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure used to calculate the BER is also used to check for compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations. Provisional BER certification is required when dwellings are being offered for sale off-plans or prior to completion. Provisional BERs are valid for two years.

Affordable Energy Audits

Having your property audited needn't cost the earth. Louth BER provides clients with a high quality service at an affordably low price. To find out how much your BER survey will cost you can contact Robert for a free quote. You will be quoted a final all-in price before the survey is carried out and there are no hidden charges.

Professional Accreditation

The BER certification scheme was established under the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and is overseen in Ireland by The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). The SEAI has put in place a comprehensive quality assurance system to ensure the integrity of the scheme. BERs can only be carried out by qualified assessors who are registered with the SEAI.

Robert Mulholland is a fully accredited BER Assessor and Technical Advisor. He also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science and is highly experienced in the Building Services and Technology sectors.

SEI - The Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland Robert Mulholland is registered as an official BER assessor with The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, the state body which administers the BER certification scheme
BER Assessors Association of Ireland logo Robert Mulholland is a member of the BER Assessors Association of Ireland