Louth BER Services

BER Surveys

Louth BER provides a high quality, affordable energy rating service to clients throughout the North East region and beyond. BER surveys are conducted at fixed appointment times convenient to the client, with evening and weekend appointments available on request. An 'all in' cost is quoted before the survey takes place and there are no hidden charges. In addition to BER certification, clients receive free professional advice on improving their energy rating and reducing energy bills, along with guidance on applying for any government grants they may be entitled to.

Improve Your Rating And Lower Your Energy Bills

A building's energy rating is not set in stone; often it can be improved signigicantly by simple measures like adding extra insulation or upgrading an aging, inefficient heating system. Your BER certificate from Louth BER will be accompanied by a comprehensive and clearly presented Advisory Report detailing measures you can take to improve your rating and save on future energy costs. This advice will be specific to you and your property and our assessor will support you in making informed decisions about the most cost-effective energy-saving measures suitable for your situation. All the advice we give is totally impartial and does not involve the promotion or endorsement of any particular products or services.

'A' rated homes now attract a premium on the property market so all sellers should note that an €50 government grant is available towards the cost of an 'after works' BER survey carried out in conjunction with energy saving measures. See below for more details.

Government Grants

The National Upgrade Programme provides grants through the SEAI Home Energy Grants scheme. As part of your BER survey you will receive free advice on any grants available to you and whatever assistance you need in making grant applications.

Home Energy Grants

The SEAI Home Energy Grants scheme provides cash incentives to homeowners interested in improving the energy efficiency of their property in order to reduce energy costs as well as greenhouse gas emissions. The scheme is open to all owners of existing dwellings built before 2011 for insulation and heating control upgrades and built before 2021 for solar and heat pump grants.

Measure Apartment Mid-terrace house Semi or end of terrace house Detached house
Attic insulation €800 €1,200 €1,300 €1,500
Cavity wall insulation €700 €800 €1,200 €1,700
Internal wall insulation €1,500 €2,000 €3,500 €4,500
External wall insulation €3,000 €3,500 €6,000 €8,000
Heap pump to water systems €4,500 €6,500
Heap pump to air systems €3,500
Solar thermal €1,200
Heating control upgrade €700
Post works BER €50
Technical Assesment €200 (Required for the heat pump grant only)

See the Home Energy Grant grant scheme for details.

If you have any questions about the Home Energy Grant scheme or your eligibility to apply you can contact Robert for more details.

Technical Assessment

Homeowners applying for the Heat Pump grant are required to have a Technical Assessment carried out by a SEAI registered Technical Advisor. The Technical Advisor guides the homeowner on the energy performance of the dwelling, particularly on the suitability of the dwelling for a heat pump system based on the dwelling’s heat loss. If required they provide the homeowner with independent guidance on measures necessary to ensure that the dwelling fabric heat loss is lowered to an acceptable level for a heat pump system to perform effectively and efficiently. The required maximum heat loss level for the Heat Pump grant is expressed as a Heat Loss Indicator of 2 Watts/Kelvin/m2.

Robert Mulholland is a SEAI registered Technical Advisor.

Solar Electricity Grant

A grant is now available for the installation of Solar PV – Photovoltaic systems. A domestic solar PV system consists of a number of solar panels mounted to your roof (or in your garden) and connected through an inverter to the electrical loads within your home. A post works BER is required.

PV Grant
PV Panels (up to 2 kWp) €900 per kWp
PV Panels (2 to 4 kWp) €300 per kWp

Free Energy Upgrades

This scheme aims to improve the energy efficiency and comfort conditions of homes occupied by vulnerable households. The upgrade measures included in this scheme are cavity wall insulation, attic insulation, draught proofing, lagging jackets and the fitting of low energy light bulbs. Other measures like heating system upgrades are occasionally done. These measures are all carried out at absolutely no cost to the homeowner and are available to people who receive certain welfare payments. You can find the eligibility criteria here.